Operation Justice
Part of The Doomsday War
Date 4.000(.024)
(150,039 MYC)
Location Multiple systems near the center of the galaxy
Result Phyrric Jogorian victory
Dozens of worlds are freed from Hydran grasp
Jogorian military
Chyztrek military
Hydran Virus
High General Falek'Shvit
High Admiral Irkan'Tramvash
Commandant Ivak'Opesh
Hydran Collective Mind
164 billion Jogorian soldiers
310 billion Jogorian Marines
320 million Jogorian ships
113,000 Titans
100 billion Chyztrek soldiers
15 million Chyztrek ships
1.3 trillion Hydran mutations
200 million mixed class Hydran ships
112 billion Jogorian soldiers
150 billion Marines
32 million ships
63 billion Chyztrek soldiers
12.5 million ships
All forces
52 systems were liberated and a huge blow to Hydran manpower was dealt, but at a very high price
Operation Justice was the first military offensive campaign carried out by the Jogorians and Chyztrek. It was also used to bolster morale amongst the populations of the two assaulting races.

Notable Battles Edit

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