Operation God Rock was an attempt undertaken by the Salsene and Zyrothan militaries to destroy the Scarabian ecology and thus destroy the Xenopterans. The operation involved placing an asteroid on a collision course with Scarab.


Due to enormous casualties suffered by the allied forces, the decision was made to finish the war quickly and permanently. T-145, an asteroid on the far edges of the Scarabian system, was chosen for its large size and maneuverability. Salsene warships placed the asteroid on its course, and all allied forces were evacuated (save for a number of mercenaries sent on a futile hive assault as a diversion).

Unfortunately, only a few days before impact, a Xenopteran starship, not yet capable of FTL but enabled for sub-light speeds, launched from the surface of the planet and successfully diverted the asteroids course.


After the failed operation, allied forces returned to the planet, only to discover that the Xenopterans had heavily fortified a number of crucial positions in their absence. Massive casualties ensued as the allies attempted to recapture these positions, and in the end, they possessed far less territory than before.

In propaganda, the operation was even more of a failure, as news of the defeat reached the civilized planets. The number of volunteers decreased drastically, and the Salsene Grand Fleet was forced to insitute a draft on nearby colony worlds in order to maintain a military presence on Scarab.

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