Onra Galfen






Star Marshal of the Salsene Grand Fleet

Onra Galfen is the Star Marshal of the Salsene Grand Fleet. She is currently stationed on the planet Bellus for the war against the Kerarans.


Onra Galfen was born in the Salsene colony on Kiron. She dreamed of being a hero, and saving her race from enemies.

When she was of age, she enlisted into the Salsene military. She quickly rose through the ranks, fighting pirates, rebels, and stray Virnos. Eventually, she became the commander in chief of the Salsene military.

For a while, she was stationed on Scarab, fighting the Xenopteran War. However, the Grand Fleet decided that she was needed most against the Kerarans, and so she was reassigned.


Onra is a serious individual, and hardly ever laughs or smiles. She hates losing soldiers in battle, and tries to preserve as many as she can. Thus she is much beloved by her troops.

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