Omnishrimp are small arthropods native to Thanatos. They are one of the few omnivores on Thanatos. Even then, 75% of their diet is carrion, and only 25% consists of plant matter.


Omnishrimp resemble stomatopods, but live on land and have a hive system similar to bees. The claws are also blunter, except for drones which have claws sharper than obsidian. Omnishrimp queens are 1 meter long, the male drones are 80 centimeters long and the workers are 12 centimeters long. Larvae resemble bobbit worms and have a length of 30 centimeters.


Their hives work like those of bees. There is a queen, sterile workers and drones. Drones strangely live longer than workers and also act as defenders of the hive, not just to mate with queens. Workers live for only a few weeks whereas drones live for a year. Queens live for 10 years. Workers only gather resources and feed larvae as well as the queen. Drones mate with the queen and defend the hive.

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