An Olthoor using a transportation disk.

My people's intelligence is unmatched, how dare you question my tactics?
- Empress Illyth

The Olthoor are the founders and leaders of the Orion. They originate from the planet Thanrum which has died out in the year 28 billion BM.


They are four limbed mammals with a thick, long neck. They have two fingers and three toes. Their face is quite large and they have four eyes to be better at distinguishing light.


Although the Olthoor are omnivores they eat more plants than meat as they lack teeth. Their saliva however has several acids that can easily break down plants, this is why they eat less meat.

Intelligence and societyEdit

The Olthoor are highly intelligent due to their large brains and quick thinking, they want to analyse almost anything and regulary make jokes which only they enjoy.

They are led by an empress (currently Empress Illyth), when the empress is away a planetary senate is in charge. Each planet elects an individual from their planetary senate to take part in the Olthoor Orion Senate. They live in large cities, these are mostly made out of giant, strong skyscrapers. The smaller cities have tear like buildings, with the base serving as a parking in the ground. Houses of settlements and villages are formed as a bubble.


XII- Interuniversal, this species has explored multiple 'verses. They were active in Viperius once but retreated during the Julth War.

Files relating to their numbers have shwon an unussualy large number, more than their planets can sustain. They do not give an explanation to this fact.

The Olthoor are the most advanced species in the Orion and are working on a project to leave Obeidon in search for other multiverses and to escape the Krono in case they would win, only time will tell if they could succeed.

Military doctrineEdit

The Olthoor are physically not made for battle and have used robots with advanced A.I. Systems and unmanned drones to fight their conflicts. When they do have to fight they make use of much prototype weaponry which are categorised as 'safe to use' and vehicles made of the best materials they could get.

Relation with other racesEdit

  • Orion: As the Olthoor are the founders of the Orion thay are allied with all species in it. Relation = Allied.
  • Krono: The Krono opened fire as soon as they spotted the Orion. Relation = War.


  • The Olthoor were once a shy species, but when they met the Riooth they changed their behavior in order to not get themselves oppresed by them.

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