Okkraggn is the eighth moon of Kkaggrak. It is also known as YT-112.


An average, but larger, moon of Kkaggrak, Okkraggn is mainly silicate.


Okraggn has a diameter of 0.43 times earth, and a mass of 0.18 times it. This allows colonization and commercial mining of the vanadium, titanium, and aluminum in its core.


A silicate moon, Okraggn has much use with its size. It is heavily cratered, and allows colonies. It also has vanadium in vanadite and patronite, titanium, and aluminum in high quantities along with some concentrations of platinum. This has brought much profit on this planet, as it has been highly industrialized.


Okraggn has several colonies on its surface, the most considerate being the Gorkhan-Zeinestrel Agreement World settlement Grgankkr. However, much of the other colonies are filled with slums, and are mainly just mining towns fully dependent on their mineral output.

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