The Obsidian Stealth Virus Detector or ObsidianSVD is an AV programmed to detect viruses which are harder to detect, such as the Phantom, however, they are quite uncommonly spawned and are quite useless against any other virus. The Obsidian is cloaked to all viruses and is unable to be hacked into, although if it could be hacked into it would not be able to cause any harm.


Because the Phantom virus and other viruses of the sort are small, but do have high memory usage in their systems, the Obsidian is able to detect these viruses by using a built in memory usage detector to spot these trickster viruses and delete them. Another great feature about this AV model is that it is not only able to eliminate the free form of the Phantom (the drone and the docking base) but the drone while taking control of a CP, without eliminating the CP. However, Obsidians are amongst the rarest programs to spawn.

The ObsidianSVD is completely harmless against any other virus besides IVs, which it is also able to delete.

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