Obiplyn is a gas giant that orbits the same star as Dragovia.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Size and PositionEdit

Obiplyn is roughly 200,000 kilometres in diameter. This means it has an incredibly strong gravitational pull. This has often saved Dragovia from asteroid impacts, as they have been pulled off-course by the planet’s gravity. It is currently being investigated as to whether the planet’s gravity is affecting Dragovia itself.

Obiplyn’s orbit is elliptical, and its distance from its star varies. It is between roughly 400 and 450 million miles away.


Obiplyn’s atmosphere is 89% hydrogen, 10% helium, and contains traces of other elements such as methane and ammonia.


Obiplyn has not been studied extensively, and therefore not much is known of its history.


Obiplyn, when seen from space, is a mix of orange and white shades of colour. It has not been examined closely, so little else is known.


Obiplyn has not been searched for life, as no organism could survive on a gas giant.


So far, seventeen moons have been observed orbiting Obiplyn. The largest, Valtava, has a diameter of 5,500 kilometres, and the smallest only about 500 kilometres. It is possible there are smaller moons that have not yet been detected.

Obiplyn has no unnatural satellites.

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