A rendition of an Oaiarene

Oaiarene are the lesser group of predators on Daomhaen. Most have no limbs, and are designed to hide using camouflage and pack tactics.


Limbless, and half-sensless, Oiarene have quite unique physiology.

Most of its body is covered in a thin membrane that serves to filter minerals from the water. However weak, this can grow back very quickly due to its rate of cell fission.

Its muscles are very strong, and help propel it in an eel-like fashion, however slowly. The Oaiarene also have large slits on the side of their neck, which filter oxygen and nutrients from water. These lead to large lungs in its chest.

These have small, but compact brains, which are the centers of neural systems that spread in very complex networks across the body. Its heart is located just below the brain. The heart is extremely strong, and can easily pump blood through the entire body.


Oaiarene have the same basic structure, but each can range from a few inches to several meters long, and have rather small circumfrence to length proportions.


Oiarene both eat meat, and get minerals and nutrients from the water that surrounds them. They can survive for several weeks without eating, but this causes them to move much slower and their heartbeat to lower, often leading to death.


These creatures live in schools, and attack and hide in large groups. They do not have hive minds, but have an extremely basic system of communication that allows them to be organized. They also can excrete strong-smelling chemicals to alert fear, pain, suprise and other emotions to alert other members of its school, through its porous skin.

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