Nutay Rinkam
Nutay rinkam







Nutay Rinkam was the Salsene Grand Ambassador. Her duty was to conduct negotiations with alien races such as the Atrenids and the Zyrothas. She was the Salsene representative at the Aian/Salsene/Zyrothan First Contact, which the Salsenes called the Council of Aboris.



Nutay Rinkam was born and raised on the planet Aristotle, where a Salsene colony existed. When she was four years old, she was attacked by a Butcherbug and gained a long scar along her neck.


Later on in her life, Rinkam was elected to a political post on Aristotle. Her job was to negotiate with the native Cho'ghar, and basicly just to keep things running smoothly. She rose through the ranks very quickly, however, and soon found herself Salsene Grand Ambassador. Since then she has dealt with numerous events in the Galaxy, such as the Aian/Salsene/Zyrothan First Contact and the Keel/Zyrothan War.

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