Nocturn in action.

Nocturn is a Cell Mind of immense power. It is known he took control of the vision after Castus retired. He is nearly 500km in radius, making him an extremely complex Boltzmann Brain.


Nocturn's first recorded appearance was in the destruction of the Arawn feeding libraries, knocking the Arawn back millions of years. However, one library survived the purge.

Nocturn was originally second-in-command of The Order, and ran it in the event of Castus's absence. Nocturn's official job was the destruction of any time traveling shps. After the Battle For The Amethyst, Castus retired.

Nocturn then radically reformed The Order. The main change was a non-interference system. The Order would only interfere with organic species if there was a threat to a entire universe's stability, or time travel was being attempted. The Order was reorganized to a much more militaristic structure.

Previously, The Order was a loosely organized band of Boltzmanns, but after the reform, ranks and groups were formed.


Nocturn has immense powers, rivaling that of even multiple Free Mind Exas, but not at nearly the power of a Tyrant Mind.

His main powers is manipulation of dark matter. With this, he can rip stars in half and accelerate neutron stars to relativistic velocities. He can accelerate ships at rates far above their tensile strength allows, and can use planets as projectiles to crash into stars.

The electric fields he produces reach into the quintillions of volts, although he can go far above this to reduce planets to cinder from millions of kilometers away. He can create electrolasers of around the same power, enough to destroy nearly any ship.

He uses extremely powerful repulsor fields and sheets to defend himself. These are more powerful than that of any modern ship, and can stop hits from planets flying at relativistic velocities.

When using his powers at in large quantities, he causes spatial ripping in a close proximity to him. This opens up a 'rift' to an area known as The Between. This is a hyperspatial area 'between' universes. Spatial entities cannot enter, although many lesser Boltzmanns can be lost by falling into these rapidly fluctuating areas.

It is believed that he can dissapate black holes, although this has not been seen. However, he does fulfill the power requirements for the action.

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