The star Nivanen
Nivanen, viewed from one of its artificial satellites

Spectral Classification:



Zensiv System, Uden Nebula, Tekves Arm, Stavia Galaxy


~100,000 M⊕

 Nivanen is the primary star of the Zensiv System. It is almost perfectly spherical, and its mass of roughly 100,000 times that of earth accounts for about 83.5% of the mass in the system. Around 70% of this mass is hydrogen, 27% is helium, while the rest is a combination of heavier elements such as oxygen and carbon. 

Nivanen is an average red dwarf star, at stellar classification M2. It floats around in the Uden Nebula, in the Tekves Arm of the Stavia Galaxy. It has six planets and one minor star, Rigen


Nivanen is a class M2 red dwarf, with the appearance of an orange star. It has characteristics of a population 1 star in the universe which Earth resides in, although it does have far more heavy elements, at 2.8% of its mass. It weighs in at around 100,000 earth masses, around 83.5% of the system's mass. 

It has very active helioseismology for its age, occasionally even visibly rippling and sending out massive solar flares due to the earthquakes. 

Its heliosphere extends until about 75 AU, where termination shock takes place. Its gravity is overwhelmed by nearby stars after a few light-years, but the farthest satellite in its influence is approximately 1.4 light-years away.

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