A picture of a wild nith.

Niths, or snakeface shrubs, are a type of xenotaxitian plant from Ageriul. Nith are frequently brought along by hitch-hiking Irkapuths, and are a problem on some planets where they have been introduced. They are in a symbiotic relationship with Kirs.


Niths are the Ageriulid answer to grasses. Like most xenotaxites, they have a flower. The flowers are pollinated by Kirs, which use the sludgy pollen-nectar as the main food source. Tribes of Irkaputh originally domesticated this plant, and bred them for the best, tastiest nectar. Urahobs took this further, to the point where Urahob-domesticated niths have flowers twice the size of a chicken's egg. Due to the fact that this doesn't affect the seeds much, these flowers can survive in the wild, although they waste a lot of nectar doing this.

The plant, apart from the flower, has a four-way radial symmetry, with four branches. Each branch has large leaves, which are connected by a thin, mesh-like membrane that also photosynthesises. Their roots go about twice as far sideways as they do downwards. They connect their roots together, and with any other plant that isn't diseased, enabling them to collectively gather enough nutrients to survive. If a plant becomes diseased, the ends of its roots release a chemical signal. This causes nith roots connected to it to retract and seal up. A wild nith is around the size of a dandelion.

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