Nirann was once a desert research outpost colonized by the Jogorians in late 150,035 MYC. 20 million settlers arrived as well as many thousands scientists who were searching for lost Star God artifacts both on the planet and the moon orbiting the planet. 

An ancient powersource was found that was aeons ahead of current technology in the far north of the planet in 150,038 MYC at the start of The Doomsday War. The powersource had enough power to create energy for an entire sector of Federal space, or about 2,000 planets. The Daa were even interested in recovering this lost artifact, and were preparing to send a fleet to receive it when the Hydran Virus arrived on planet, killing off the defending force of 2 million Jogorian soldiers and wiping out 99% of the population on the colony.

The Federation was tied up defending other worlds and couldn't afford to send a fleet to recover the artifact and liberate the colony, so the Daa were left with the task. The assembled fleet was only a quarter the size of the Hydran force, but had no problem wiping it out in the Battle over Nirann. Within a few hours, the remaining few Hydran ships left the system leaving the Daa to evacuate the surviving 20,000 Jogorians and search for the artifact. However, it was not to be found where the Jogorian records said it was. The Daa concluded the Hydrans had taken it to an unknown location. The Daa were extremely unsettled by this due to the possibility the Hydrans may upgrade their laser-based weapon systems with the stolen artifact to be able to do some serious damage. 

In early 150,039 MYC, a joint Jogorian-Daa military campaign was launched to recover the powersource. It was named Operation Recovery, which had a suiting name.

Today, the once habitable desert planet is now a giant floating iceball due to Hydran terraforming of the planet. Regardless, 3 million Jogorians now inhabit the planet once again and deal with the harsh conditions which can dip below -40 degrees Celcius on a warm day.

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