Nightgaunts are sapient lifeforms native to Heartforge.

These are the only Heartforgeians to have escaped Vesania; Nightgaunts have utilized wormholes to gain access to universes such as Emenata and the Daemoniverse.


Nightgaunts are tall, winged humanoids. Their head bears two horns, but no face. A Nightgaunt's limbs are extended, each around twice the length of its body. They also have large wings and a barbed tail.


Nightgaunts have never been seen to eat anything at all. We know they must eat something, as no form of life can exist with sustenance. But what it is (and how they can ingest it without a mouth) remains a mystery.


Nightgaunts are sapient, and live in groups. They have a primitive form of technology that consists mainly of weaponry.

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