Lagoon Nebula

An image of the central white dwarf in the Ngrakk Nebula

The Ngrakk (Nu-grahk) Nebula is a medium-sized nebula in the Koraksel arm of the Polemos Galaxy. It contains hundreds of stars.


The Ngrakk Nebula is the largest nebula in the Polemos Galaxy, and is home to the great Gorkhan citadels. It measures around 242 light-years across. It is at the tip of the Koraksel arm, and almost five-hundred light years from the actual galactic region, making it a kind of satellite.

It was formed around 300 billion BM, which means that it used to be far larger. It constantly has giant stars growing and dying. However, it has several smaller stars, such as the Khargg system in it. At its center is a central white dwarf, formed out of a large red giant.

The only known habitable planets in the nebula are in the Khargg system.

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