New Ishtar
New Ishtar is a tropical planet in the Viperius Galaxy. It was terraformed by the Salsenes, as a replacement for their dying homeworld.


Located near the center of Viperius, New Ishtar is somewhat close to Centro. This provides an added level of protection, as none of the other races on Centro would allow such a close planet to be captured by any outside threat.


New Ishtar is covered in long, thin continents, separated by vast seas. Storms batter the coastlines, allowing tropical forests near the oceans. Further inland, there are large swamps.


This planets atmosphere is breathable, a mix of 77% nitrogen, 22.8% oxygen and trace other gases at a pressure of 1.02 bars. There is no shortage of water in the clouds, so it rains often.


New Ishtar's surface is approximately 85% water, and 6% ice.


New Ishtar has two small moons. There are also hundreds of artificial satellites, and about a dozen space stations. One of these, Sentinel Station, is the official base of the Salsene Grand Fleet.


This planet was originally barren, with no life other than a few primitive microbes. However, the Salsenes terraformed this planet, populating it with animals from Ishtar. There are many cloned wormfish, Flamingo Stags, and other animals here. The Salsenes have built several hundred small colonies here. The Salsene royal family, including Froegen XIV, have moved here.

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