Nevula is awesome ;P

The economical center of Nevula during the day.

Nevula is the capitol of the Orion, it is a SGI planet and is the third star orbiting the sun, Dhall. During the Orion's war against the Krono the planet's atmosphere was a battleground which had cost the lives of many Orion soldiers.



The planet's surface consists for 52 % out of water, 21 % out of rainforest, 7 % out of desert and the remaining 30 % out of mountains (which can reach a height of 11481 meter (the height of Mount Drurdraan) due to it's weaker gravity). Nevula's axial tilt is 21.89° but every 5 years changes to exactly 22°, at the end of the year this changes back to 21.89°.


The planets takes 26.5 hours to rotate and completes it's orbital period around Dhall every 287 days.


Nevula has a moon at a distance of 1.2 times Earth's moon and half the size of it. The Olthoor have placed several dozens of artificial satellites around Nevula and gave command over them to the Riooth to use them as both communications and spy satellites, it has helped them numerous times to find criminals of all kinds.

Their are about 120 space stations around the planet ranging from small ones to large residential stations. Most of these are for the military and are owned by the Riooth. Half of the space stations are equipped with Starburst cannons which are quite effective against the Krono. 1/8th of the stations are residential, 2/8th are used for ligistics and the remaining 1/8th are scientific stations.



  • The battle that occured in Nevula's atmosphere was mostly situated above the sea which prevented much damage of debris. The debris was scavenged afterwards and the Starburst cannon was invented from what they had learned of them.
  • Nevula and Thanrum (the former homeplanet of the Olthoor) have much in common. This is mostly due a little bit of terraforming and the fact that the Olthoor always search for planets that have the same environment.

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