The Nerzam are a sapient race of reptiles native to the ravaged world of Deghtorihn. They are one of the newcomers of the Orion.


The Nerzam have a dark green scaled hide, their average height is 2,1m. Their head is relative small but their neck is slightly bigger as their brains are partly situated here. They have a 1,2m long tail which has some spikes sticking out. They have 4 fingers on each hand and have 3 toes.


The Nerzam are omnivorous, they eat meat (flies, fish, herd animals,...) but mostly eat vegetables which they cultivate. The vegetables that they eat tend to be poisonous for other species.

Intelligence and societyEdit

The Nerzam are very intelligent but still do not pose a match for the Olthoor. They live in a society that is ruled by a president which is elected every 6 years. The Nerzam population is given much freedom in means of taxation and law but they know their boundaries.


XII- Interuniversal, this species has explored multiple 'verses.

Military doctrineEdit

The Nerzam soldiers are excellent guerrilla fighters as they are masters of disguise. Their scales tend to blend with the envirnoment and their scientists, with the help of the Olthoor, were able to create a cloaking device. They use silenced plasma weapons but when discovered they will use heavy weaponry.

Opinion towards other speciesEdit

  • Krono: They were attacked by the Krono andlost their homeplanet. Relation = War.

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