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Necrosaurs are extremely dangerous, sapient organisms native to the Oread System. They are responsible for the termination of the salsene exploration of Oread.


Necrosaurs assume a bipedal stance similar to that of theropod dinosaurs. Their front arm has many dextrous, opposable fingers, allowing them to manipulate their environment "one-handedly". Their body is covered in coarse, black hair. Their neck is bald, instead having wrinkled grey skin as a cover. The head of the necrosaur is heavily armored, and contains no organs other than a gaping mouth of razor-sharp teeth and a small groove used for electroception. This makes the head look eerily similar to a skull.


Necrosaurs are "herbivores", preying on the many photosynthetic species on the planet.

Culture and TechnologyEdit

Necrosaurs are highly intelligent, and make good use of tools. They live in huts constructed solely from stone, and decorate the walls with the bodies of organisms they kill. When hunting, necrosaurs use long spears made of stone. Pragos have been domesticated by them, for aid in hunting.

Necrosaurs live in large tribes all over the planet. Every week or so, a bloody war breaks out among tribes. This is partially because of each tribe's refusal to acknowledge the other tribes as sapient as well. Instead, other tribes are viewed as other animals, which can be hunted at will.

Contact with SalsenesEdit

The salsenes had in fact sent an exploratory vehicle to the surface of Oread, in order to scout the planet for colonization purposes. When necrosaurs wielding hefty spears were spotted, the explorers attempted to communicate with them, by showing them a holographic image of Ishtar. The necrosaurs believed this sudden burst of electricity to be a threat, and killed all salsenes on the planet.

Afterwards, the Salsene High Council declared the planet to be too dangerous for colonization, and turned its eyes towards other systems.

During the war between the LLS and the Kerarans, it was revealed that the Necrosaurs gained Salsene firearms from the contact.

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