Necrodactyls ("Death Finger") are predatory creatures native to Prall. They hunt in packs to bring down their prey.


Necrodactyls are small creatures, only half a meter in length. They are mammalian hexapods, striped red and black for camoflauge.

Incapable of bringing down prey themselves, even in packs, Necrodactyls have a symbiotic relationship with a species of unicellular fungi.

These fungi live in a special sack at the base of the claws, and are injected into prey animals. Once inside the animal, the fungi release neurotoxins that kill the prey in seconds


Necrodactyls live in fairly large packs, consisting of up to forty individuals. During hunts, they frequently kill far more than they could eat, due to hectic slashing of claws during combat. Fortunately, hunts do not take place frequently, as time is required for the fungus population to regrow.

As far as is known, there is no social hiearchy amongst Necrodactyls. They are simply loose groups of animals which hunt together. Infighting occurs frequently, often killing both individuals involved.

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