Mykarian Soldier1

A Mykarian Dux of the Rage High Antaran Army

Mykarians are a race of advanced sapient beings from an unknown universe or microverse in the Obeidon universe cluster. They are currently at war with the Daa.


Mykarians are centauriforme untill they reach the age of 50, at that point the front legs shed, and back muscles start to grow untill they can walk upright. Learning capacity triples after this from increase in brain development, becoming skilled leaders. The metamorphasis takes several weeks. The back gradually shrinks down to a more balanced size, eventually reaching a humanoid shape.

A mykarian torso is roughly 2 feet average. It is located in the middle of their back to allow them maintain balance when streamlining.

Skin is usually hard and sand colored, often given dermal plating. Mykarians have a strong set of 2 jaws, which can easily rip meat into pieces, as they are carnivorous.

Their arms are also strong, and aid in their eating process. Their hands are much like humans, with five fingers and rounded tips.


Mykarian culture varies between planets and regions. Culture and religions are explored in this section.


Antarism, the belief that every single sapient living being in the multiverse holds a piece of the Supreme Creator, giving them personalities and talents.

DNA is considered to be sacred in this religon, and not to be altered. This is one of the main religons. A popular branch of this folowed by many warriors is that killing takes the peice of the Supreme Creator inside that being, making them stronger. Antarans believe that sinning polutes the supreme creator, Mattia, and cardinal sins in excess are punishible by death to purify their god. The current Emperor holds an expansionist policy. His excuse is that they need to keep Mattia pure by bringing Antarisim to other species.


The ideal Mykarian exhibits the traits of pride, healthy skeptisisim of foriegn species, and great devotion to Mattia. This leads most Mykarians to become clerics of the emporer at a young age. Rougly 1/3rd of the population devotes their life to the church, effectively joining the goverment. The rest usually become Teachers or join the military. Mykarians have a "Lemming Gene" Which makes them almost suicidally obeidient to people they consider superior.


Ships are powered by arguably one of the most potent energy sources in the universe - antimatter reactions. In addition to providing massive amounts of energy, they can dump their antimatter supply directly into the reactor to destroy the entire ship. Nuclear fusion reactors are used in conjuction to make up for the extreme scarcity of antimatter.

Since having the bridge at the front of a ship is dangerous, the Mykarian ships have it in the center. This is aided by having thousands of sensors on the outside of the ship, allowing screens to show the outside in multiple frequencies of light.

Ship hulls are made of pressurized and spaced nanodiamond, with ablative and reflective layers. As such, they can take several hits even with their shields down.

Their shielding is based on several, weaker layers of repulsor fields and plasma barriers. There are about three layers of each, and a strong repulsor sheet layer on the bottom. This allows projectiles that can both bypass repulsors and plasma fields must use much energy before doing so, allowing a greater amount of time to destroy the projectile.

Ships travel in FTL through an immense ultradrive system, which unfolds the hyperspace dimension, and then the ultraspace dimension folded inside of it, corresponding to a trillionth of the space required. Ships accelerate using a Rujonu antimatter pulse drive, which quickly smashes blobs of antimatter and matter together, causing it to create a massive explosion. This is directed outward using a thick, nanodiamond tube, typically towards the end of the ship. However, secondary Rujonu drives can direct the ship in other directions.


Mykarians have massive weapons, designed to overload repulsor and particle shielding in space, and is more penatrative than squash on ground, as their main enemy, the Daa, use only tanks and drones on the battlefield.

  • Mitla cannons are the basic mass drivers, acting with railguns. They fire 20 one ton projectiles per second at .2 c. This gives them roughly 9 GTs of force per second. This is only at full capacity; the normal operating capacity is 4.5 GT.
  • Gadron cannons are grapeshot mass drivers. One 5 ton shot is accelerated to .5c per second, before breaking apart using a small amount of HE at its core. Each of the 500 grapeshots has 50 megatons of kinetic energy.
  • Purging Light drivers are on some dreadnaughts. Massive coilguns with repulsor rings fire these 270000-ton projectiles to more than .9c'. This delivers almost 7.5 petatons of TNT equivalent force, which can melt large amounts of the crust and cause immense water loss. However, they must span nearly the entire ship, and lower maneuverability, as well as only having a firing rate of 1 per 30 seconds.
  • Joarn beams are small particle beams, designed to destroy smaller ships. They fire 15-190 GeV particle streams to speeds greater than .95c, easily crushing small ships. They are seen commonly on medium-sized ships, while smaller ships can still carry them.
  • Kijon beams are also particle beams, seen on larger ships. They fire a variable 50GeV-50TeV blast from their barrel, producing massive explosions at the maximum setting. Even when not at this, it still can create massive amounts of radiation and sterilise ships. It uses neutral particles, after being neutralised at the lens.
  • Rutlo missiles are designed for destroying small fleets. Each is fired at .005c, firing multiple mass driver shots (each delivering 50 megatons of force per shot) using four mass drivers, also firing a maser out of the front. Its antimatter charge delivers 225 megatons of force with 15 kilograms of antimatter at 70% efficiency, aiding the final yield.
  • Imperial beams are massive beams, using a maser loaded with antiprotons. This can have multiple settings, ranging from 500 MW with .01g of antiprotons to 500 TW with 20kg of antimatter (171 megatons TNT).
  • Subjugate beams are smaller Imperial beams, also using a maser with antiprotons. The settings range from 100 MW with .001g of antiprotons to 100 TW with 4kg of antimatter (30 megatons TNT).
  • Luon coilguns are created from reverse-engineered Daa technology. Each fires a 1.5-ton projectile to .62c at 15 per second, delivering a total of 8.8 gigatons of TNT per shot, and 132 per second. They are seen on larger ships, due to their power requirements.
  • Yuoan cannons are used for destroying massive fleets and for extremely destructive orbital bombardment. It fires a jet of particles, with the energy of around 5 PeV at more than 99.99999954% of the speed of light. Te result is that the protons reach less than ten femtometers behind photons created by it after a day of firing. This can completely sterilize a planet or immense fleet in the case that repulsor sheets are not used, and can overwhelm massive repulsors. The Daa say that this is the only weapon that could defeat them, so the Mykarians are currently researching even more powerful particle energies.

Ship ClassesEdit

There are several classes of Mykarian ships, ranging from only fifty meters in length to more than 10000km in length. Ships can be referred to as their name, type, or a total of name and type, like Jonil Megaships or Ruan Carriers.

There are several classes in the ship types. There are four series of ship classes in the sub-Jonil ship types, Demonic, Angelic, Fortified, and Hiearchial. The Taonu versions of these are Archdemon, Archangel, Cathedral, and Cardinal.

  • Jonil-class ships are the largest ships, much like Megaships, designed to take over entire galaxies in large fleets during Mykarian Conquest. They are each around 10 thousand kilometers in length, carrying multiple of every class. They act as a battleship and carrier all at once, fighting on the front lines while acting as a command center. They carry multiple of all weapons as well as a Yuoan cannon, so have massive firepower. Leading millions of ships and carrying more than 5 billion Mykarians, they are an immense force. They can travel at 900 billion times c, or .9c in ultraspace.
  • Taonu-class ships, or dreadnoughts, are the next largest ship in the force, each being 210 kilometers in length. They carry mutliple of all non Jonil-exclusive weapons, and carry a few other ships. They lead millions of ships into battle, and act mainly as a fighting ship, rather than a command center. They can travel at 750 billion times c at full speed.
  • Ruan-class ships, which act as carriers, are nearly equal in size to the Taonu-classes, at 190 kilometers on average length. They do not carry many weapons, instead having massive construction hangars and transport hangars. Their FTL drives allow them to travel at 690 billion c.
  • Yaonul-class ships, acting as battleships and battlecruisers, are the main fighting force of the Mykarian fleet, at 40 kilometers in length on average. They carry several of all weapons, not including Yuoan cannons and Purging Light drivers. As they are the main fighting force, they are far more centered around anti-ship weaponry, with Milta and Gadron cannons being prominent along with energy weapons. They can travel at around 460 billion c with their FTL drive.
  • Hulaol-class ships, which are basically frigates, dominate the small fleet battlefield. They are each around 9 kilometers in length, with plenty of weaponry. However, they have no Luon coilguns or heavy particle and energy weapons, instead having an emphasis on lower levels of generalization. Their FTL drive can take them to 370 billion c.
  • Loanu-class ships, or cruisers, are typically used in large, swarming fleets. Each design reaches around 3 kilometers in length, with several mass drivers and small weapons. They typically carry a single Gadron cannon, as it can deliver much force. Their drive allows them to travel to 360 billlion c.

Jonil-class ShipsEdit

Jonil-class ships are immense, reaching 10 thousand kilometers in length.

Servant of Mattias Jonil-class ships are the second largest, acting as the most generalist. They are 10342.5 kilometers in length. They carry 200 Purging Light drivers, some located spinally, some dorsally, and most broadside. Other armnament includes 6050 Kijon beams, 7345 Imperial beams, 5900 Luon coilguns, 12500 Gadron cannons, 9100 Rutlo missile launchers (each with a construction hangar), 181845 Milta cannons, 240000 Subjugate beams, and 400000 Joarn beams. They also carry huge amounts of typical missile and torpedo launchers, as well as massive bombardment bombs.

At maximum capacity with all weapons firing at once can deliver almost 1.4987 exatons of TNT equivalent in a second. However, this would cause the ship to vaporise itself due to the excess heat, and the attack is distributed evenly. The maximum for a minute would be 3.156 exatons of TNT equivalent. Even though this would practically melt most of the crust of a planet and vaporise its seas, its Yuoan cannon does basically the same.

These ships carry up to 3 dreadnoughts, as well as hundreds of battleships, thousands of frigates, hundreds of thousands of cruisers. As such, they can carry an entire Conquest in them.

Cleric of Antara Jonil-class ships are used more for anti-ship attacks, and as such have less ships carried and more small weaponry. They are 9869.4 kilometers in length, carrying 75 Purging Light drivers, most located broadside. They also carry 6800 Kijon beams, 7000 Imperial beams, 15000 Luon coilguns, 35000 Gadron cannons, 10500 Rutlo missile launchers (most with a construction hangar), 500000 Milta cannons, 555500 Subjugate beams, and 1150000 Joarn beams. They carry more torpedoes and missiles than Servant of Mattias classes, but far less bombs.

Maximum capacity of all ship weaponry, with all ship weapons firing at once is immense and would cause the ship to sublimate. This is due to the immense amounts of heat created from the total of 569.893 Pt of TNT equivalent per second. However, this is more powerful than the Servant of Mattias, due to the fact that the main weaponry are all rapid-fire and can be evenly distributed, even though deliver 1.568 Et of TNT equivalent in a minute.

These ships carry no dreadnoughts, and a tenth of the other forms of ship than the Servant of Mattias.

Missionary of the Creator class Jonil are used for carrying ships as a main function. As a result, they carry far fewer weapons than other classes of Jonil, even though they are the largest Jonil, at 11032.1 kilometers in length. Their secondary weapons are 10 Purging Light drivers, most located spinally while some are located on the broadside section. They carry 100 Kijon beams, 115 Imperial beams, 112 Luon coilguns, 220 Gadron cannons, 250 Rutlo missile launchers (all with a large construction hangar), 12500 Milta cannons, 9400 Subjugate beams, and 12000 Joarn beams.

The total capacity of all ship weaponry is less than 75.133 petatons of TNT equivalent in a second, and even this would destroy the ship with overheat. The total in a minute is 157.9 Pt of TNT equivalent.

They carry 6 dreadnoughts in their interior, each with their own sizeable fleets.

Taonu-class ShipsEdit

Taonu-class ships act as dreadnoughts in the Mykarian fleet. Each is around 210 kilometers in length.

Cardinal-class Taonu are designed to act in leading ships into battle on the front lines, and as such carry far more anti-ship weaponry. They are designed for a war of attrition, much like that against the Daa, and are 194.39 kilometers in length. Each carries 2 Purging Light drivers, one located dorsally and the other spinally, with each facing opposite of each other. Their other larger weapons are 249 Kijon beams, 260 Imperial beams, 1500 Luon coilguns (mostly broadside), 5300 Gadron cannons, 500 Rutlo missile launchers, 77000 Milta cannons, 115000 Subjugate beams, and 120000 Joarn beams.

The total of the kinetic energy created by this ship in one second reaches 16.027 Pt of TNT, and is nearly relatively equal in the per minute sector, as 91.62 petatons of TNT equivalent kinetic energy. However, this would vaporise the ship, and is typically at 20 Pt per minute, still enough to vaporise massive sections of the crust and boil the oceans.

They carry one Bishop-class battleship, ten frigates, but no cruisers.

Archdemon-class Taonu are designed for planetary bombardment, and as such have massive bombardment bombs and plenty of larger weapons. Each is 265.88 kilometers in length, with 4 Purging Light drivers, all located spinally as to provide maximum acceleration space. They also carry 150 Kijon beams, 157 Imperial beams, 1965 Luon coilguns, 2196 Gadron cannons, 300 Rutlo missile launchers, 50000 Milta cannons, 94000 Subjugate beams, and 109500 Joarn beams.

The total kinetic energy that can possibly created with all weapons firing for one second is immense, at 30.764 Pt of TNT. However, this would vaporise the ship, and it is relatively not as high when fired for a minute, as Purging Light drivers can only fire once every 30 seconds, so only around 105.858 Pt per minute.

They carry one Demon-class battleship, five frigates, and fifty cruisers.

Archangel-class Taonu are generalists, created for the purpose of serving on multiple fields. Each are approximately 190.05 kilometers in length. Their main weapons are two Purging Light drivers, along with 252 Kijon beams, 252 Imperial beams, 1152 Luon coilguns, 6200 Gadron cannons, 325 Rutlo accelerators, 83000 Milta cannons, 156000 subjugate beams, and 156000 Joarn beams.

As a result, the total kinetic energy in a second is around of 16.054 Pt of TNT equivalent kinetic energy, enough to destroy large asteroids. This is increased somewhat in a minute, while it is still relatively less than the per second, at 93.25 Pt per minute. Both of these settings would vaporise the ship, and, at maximum, is decreased to only an eighth of this, as Milta cannons typically do half of the maximum setting.

They carry one Angel-class battleship, two frigates, and a hundred cruisers.

Cathedral-class Taonu are designed for acting as moving fortresses. Each is around 237.94 kilometers in length, although it has less weaponry than other Taonu. It carries no Purging Light drivers, instead preferring small weapons and missiles to hit others from out of range. Its other weapons are 30 Kijon beams, 34 Imperial beams, 21 Luon coilguns, 40 Gadron cannons, 680 Rutlo accelerators, 8000 Milta cannons, 10000 Subjugate beams, and 9250 Joarn beams.

The total explosive force that would be created by all weapons firing at maximum force in a second would be 76.23 teratons of TNT equivalent, far less than any other Taonu. However, it is relatively equal in a minute's force, at 4.57 Pt of TNT equivalent. It is typically reduced to a twentieth of this, as it has massive life support systems so weapons need to take far less energy.

They carry three Basilica-class battleships, seven Temple-class frigates, and several cruisers of many types, typically Abbey-class.

Ruan-class ShipsEdit

Ruan act as carriers, with immense construction hangars and transport bays. Each is around 190 kilometers in length, although 400-km ones are bing developed.

Sanctuary-class Ruan are designed more for transportation. As a result of their less amount of energy devoted to construction, they have slightly more weapons than other Ruan, and are only 184.57 kilometers in length. It has two Kijon and Imperial beams, along with a spinal Luon coilgun. They also carry 6 Gadron cannons, 30 Rutlo accelerators, 400 Milta cannons, and 500 Subjugate and Joarn beams. Also, they have extremely powerful point-defense.

As they have far less weaponry, they only can deliver 3.9 teratons of TNT equivalent kinetic energy per second at maximum attack, and 234.25 per minute. It is usually reduced to 500 Gt per second.

They carry fifty battleships, around a thousand frigates, and tens of thousands of cruisers usually, while space for many more.

Altar-class Ruan are designed for construction rather than transport, at 194.93 kilometers in length.. Massive amounts of energy go into this, and as such they have far less weaponry than Sanctuary-classes. They carry a single Imperial beam, with two spinal Luon coilguns. They also carry 2 Gadron cannons, no Rutlo accelerators, 100 Milta cannons, and 50 Subjugate and Joarn beams.

As a result of their weaponry, they can deliver 951.67 gigatons of TNT equivalent force per second, and 57.1 Tt per minute. It is usually decreased to 100 Gt in a second, due to construction even during battle,

They carry three battleships, thirty frigates, and a few hundred cruisers on average, and do not have much space for more.

Plinth-class Ruan are massive constructors, at 390.06 kilometers in length. However, these have only been recently developed, and are planned to have several, equally-sized ships replace Altar and Sanctuary-classes. These ships are triangular prisims, with a cylindrical hole through the center. They have around the same amount of weaponry as Altar-class, with a single Kijon beam, three Luon coilguns (located on the points of the triangle), no Gadron cannons or Rutlo accelerators, 170 Milta cannons, 73 Joarn beams, and 67 Subjugate beams.

The total energy that can be released at one time by this construct can reach 1.93 Tt of TNT equivalent, and 115.68 teratons in a minute. However, the ships reactors allow it to have more energy than a Cardinal-class Jonil.

They carry no ships in their interior, instead leading massive fleets.

Yaonul-class ShipsEdit

Yaonul-class ships act as battleships, and are the main line of attack in the Mykarian fleet. Each is around 40 kilometers in length, with plenty of large weapons.

Bishop-class ships are front-line ships, and members of the Hiearchial system, after the Cardinal-class Taonu, and are around 42.33 kilometers in length. As a result of their front-line status, they have far more anti-ship weaponry. Their weapons include one Imperial beam, four spinal Luon coilguns, ten Gadron cannons, 59 Rutlo accelerators, 500 Milta cannons, 70 Joarn beams, and 65 Subjugate beams.

The total energy produced by this ship reaches 4.393 teratons of TNT equivalent in a second, and 263.603 in a minute. Weapons are usually fired at half of this during battle.

They carry a Monk-class Hulaol frigates, along with a few Abbot-class Loanu cruisers.

Demon-class Yaonul battleships are designed for orbital bombardment, and so have large particle beams and several large mass drivers. They each are 39.78 kilometers in length, wielding one Imperial and two Kijon beams, three Luon coilguns, six Gadron cannons, 70 Rutlo accelerators, 350 Milta cannons, 90 Joarn beams, and 40 Subjugate beams.

Weapons on the ship can produce a total of 3.697 Tt of TNT equivalent kinetic energy per second, and 221.842 Tt in a minute. However, most damage is dealt by particle beams.

They carry a single Fiend-class Hulaol frigate, as well as a round four Imp-class Loanu cruisers.

Angel-class Yaonul battleships are generalists, at exactly 40 kilometers in length. They have plenty of all weaponry, with one Imperial and one Kijon beam, two Luon coilguns, eight Gadron cannons, 70 Rutlo accelerators, 400 Milta cannons, and 63 Joarn and Subjugate beams.

Kinetic energy in total produced by the ship's weaponry reaches 4.081 teratons of TNT in a second, and 244.908 in a minute. Plenty of damage is created by the particle beams and maser blasts as well.

They carry a single Spirit-class Hulaol frigate, and five Sprite-class Loanu cruisers.

Basilica-class Yaonul battleships are the largest battleships, at 49.93 kilometers in length, acting as moving fortresses for troops and supporting fire for larger fleets. As a result, they have far more missiles than any other weaponry, with one Kijon beam, no Luon coilguns, four Gadron cannons, 250 Rutlo accelerators, 230 Milta cannons, 40 Joarn beams, and 10 Subjugate beams.

They have immense missile bays to make up for the fact that their weapons only create 2.226 Tt of TNT equivalent kinetic force per second. Also, the Rutlo mass drivers permit them to have an extra 625 megatons of force in a single total launch.

They carry a Temple-class frigate, as well as ten Abbey-class cruisers.

Hulaol-class ShipsEdit

Hulaol act as frigates in the Mykarian fleet. Each is around 9 kilometers in length.

Monk-class Hulaol frigates are designed for anti-ship attacks. As a result, they have far more anti-ship weapons, and are 9054.3 meters in length. Their weaponry is two Gadron cannons, 9 Rutlo accelerators, 50 Milta cannons, and 12 Joarn and Subjugate beams.

The total energy produced by this ship's weaponry in a second reaches 502.385 Gt of TNT per second, and 30.142 Tt in a minute. However, this is typically reduced to 100 Gt/s.

They have a single Abbot-class cruiser with them at all times.

Fiend-class Hulaol frigates are designed for orbital bombardment, so have more heavy weaponry and lasers. Each is 8979.15 meters in length, with six Gadron cannons, 10 Rutlo accelerators, 24 Milta cannons, and 20 Joarn and Subjugate beams.

With their weapons, Fiend-classes can produce 368.85 gigatons of TNT equivalent per second, and 22.131 teratons in a minute.

They do not carry a cruiser, instead typically being inside of carriers.

Spirit-class Hulaol frigates are generalists, at 8946.9 meters in length. They have four Gadron cannons, 8 Rutlo accelerators, 39 Milta cannons, as well as 20 Joarn beams and 15 Subjugate beams. It is also noted that they carry a large amount of drones into battle.

Their weapons can produce a TNT equivalent force of 453.25 Gt in a second, and 27.195 Tt in a minute.

They carry a Sprite-class cruiser by them, to land on planets and help target smaller entities.

Temple-class Hulaol frigates are moving weapons platforms, with little weaponry, and a size of 9185.2 meters in length. Due to their other system requirements, they only carry one Gadron cannon, 2 Rutlo accelerators, 10 Milta cannons, and 7 Joarn and Subjugate beams.

Weapons on this ship can produce as much as 115.66 Gt of TNT equivalent in a second, and 6.9396 Tt in a minute.

Each carries an Abbey-class cruiser.

Loanu-class ShipsEdit

Military DoctrineEdit

Mykarians have no specific tactics- they follow orders nearly suicidally. However, they have complex ranks and command hiearchy.


There are quite a few rankings in Mykarian militaries.

  • Equiti Simplexi are basic troopers, carrying simple railguns and rocket launchers. They have standard armor, looking much like scaled-down nanodiamond modern military armor with a repulsor field. They make up the majority of a century.
  • Equiti Proficeibati are also troopers, although they command small groups called Minimae. Their armor is also standard, but have a symbol of Antara on their chestplates.
  • Centurions are the level above troopers, acting a bit like a low-level NCO. Their standard armor have larger, visible nanodiamond shoulder plates with Antaran engravings.
  • Prefects lead cohorts, much like high-level NCO's. They wear plate armor, looking much like nanodiamond chivalrous armor. They typically carry far more long-range weapons, like laser cannons and missile launchers.
  • Tribunes lead legions, like low-level field officers. They wear plate armor with Antaran engravings on the chest and shoulder plates, as well as natural diamond lines going down lower leg plates and extremely low-level repulsor sheets and cold plasma fields. They typically do not carry much weaponry, acting as off-field officers.
  • Duxi lead grand legions, acting as high-level field officers. Their plate armor has far more lines of natural diamond, as well as a large obsidian engraving on the front of the nanodiamond chestplate, a few millimeters down into the nanodiamond.
  • Legates lead armies, acting as low-level generals. They carry ornamented armor, made out of two layers of nanodiamond, held together with weak repulsor nets and filled with cold plasma which leaks out when the first layer is penetrated. Repulsor fields and low-level repulsor sheets are both used.
  • Milites Maximites lead grand armies, acting as high-level generals. Their ornamented armor is basically the same as the Legate's, except that there are several obsidian lines and internals.
  • Milites Sanctites are of the second highest ranking, leading holy armies into battle. Their battle armor is known as holy armor, material based on that of the Dastot. However, only microsuspensors can hold the extremely heavy substance without the soldier being crushed.s
  • Antaran Servants are the grandest rank, leading High Antaran Armies and High Antaran Conquests into battle. Their armor is made of the same material as that of the Milites Sanctites', except that it acts more as a nanodiamond powersuit- increasing their height by three meters and with an immense railcannon, with hundreds of thin, ornamented obsidian lines. They are considered to be some of the highest religious people, behind the Emperor and his servants.

Chain of CommandEdit

Mykarians divide their troops into subunits, with several solders in each. Each form has a different purpose, and even grand legions do not form together often.

These are different for troops and ships.


Officers are explained above.

  • Minimae - 10 soldiers, led by an Equiti Proficeibati
  • Century - 10 Minimae (100 soldiers), led by a Centurion
  • Cohort - 6 Centuries (600 soldiers), led by a Prefect
  • Legion - 8 Cohorts (4800 soldiers), led by a Tribune
  • Grand Legion - 50 Legions (240,000 soldiers), led by a Dux
  • Army - 84 Grand Legions (20 million soldiers), led by a Legate
  • Grand Army - 50 Armies (1 billion soldiers), led by a Milite Maximite
  • Holy Army - 25 Grand Armies (25 billion soldiers), led by a Milite Sanctite
  • High Antaran Army - 12 Holy Armies (300 billion soldiers), led by an Antaran Servant

There are 80 known High Antaran Armies, or 24 trillion soldiers, as well as another 156.1 billion soldiers seen outside of one unit. However, estimates put troop numbers nearing 50 trillion.


Ships are led by their commanders and a ship class.

  • Pack - 10 ships, usually led by a frigate and a Tribune
  • Imperial Pack - 10 Packs (100 ships), usually led by a battleship and a Dux
  • Flotilla - 5 Imperial Packs (500 ships), usually led by a battleship and a Legate
  • Fleet - 8 Flotillae (4000 ships), usually led by a carrier and a Legate
  • Grand Fleet - 10 Fleets (40,000 ships), usually led by a carrier or dreadnought and a Milite Maximite
  • Holy Fleet - 25 Grand Fleets (1 million ships), usually led by a dreadnought and a Milite Maximite
  • Conquest - 10 Holy Fleets (10 million ships), usually led by a dreadnought and a Milite Sanctite
  • Holy Conquest - 5 Conquests (50 million ships), usually led by a megaship and a Milite Sanctite
  • High Antaran Conquest - 20 Holy Conquests (1 billion ships), always led by a megaship and an Antaran Servant

There have been 40 observed High Antaran Conquests, or 40 billion ships. A total of 45.22 billion have been observed out of them.

Relations with other speciesEdit

The Mykarians have met several races, with many allies. They are also members of The Assembly.

  • Auctors: The Auctors forged an alliance after destroying a enemy of the Mykarians.
  • Dwellers: The Mykarians joined the war against the Dweller empire and the Army of Legions to help the Auctor conquest.
  • Valecs: Mykarians are allies of the Valecs, although there is a slight unease between the races.
  • Daemons: Mykarians have met the Daemons before, but they were destroyed on sight. Mykarians ships stay out of the Daemoniverse except when required.

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