Mychurek is the second planet in the Velkoda System, after Pytzen.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Mychurek is a rather hot super-earth.


This planet has a radius of around 12,000km, and a density of over 5.5g/cm^3. This gives it a gravity of approximately 3.25g. 


Mychurek has a thick crust of silicate material and a small iron-titanium core. Most of the volume is mantle, made of silicate and ferrous magma. Its atmosphere is rather thin, made of mainly carbon dioxide and nitrogen, with a thickness of 0.075atm. 


It has a slightly elliptical orbit, lasting 73 days, but not overlapping any other planets' orbits, and a day period of 38 hours. It has two asteroid satellites, Dzronek and Nejirski. 


With a surface temperature of nearly 300 degrees centigrate, nothing much is to be seen on this planet but craters and mountains. It has a rocky, grey surface, littered with dust and gravel from high-velocity asteroid impacts due to the large acceleration caused by the gravity.

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