This is a style guide for Multiverses Wiki articles. It aims to help you write good quality, interesting pieces on your imaginings!

General RulesEdit

A general article style is very important. It helps coherency, housekeeping, and visually looks more impressive.

Things which are important in any article are:

  • SPG- Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar. The reader will often feel biased against an article with poor SPG, many typos, or bad structure.
  • Paragraphs. Articles should be divided into paragraphs where appropriate- people automatically skip over imposing sections of text. In a story, when moving between areas or times, it is probably best to use the '----' line to divide them.
  • Headings. These allow you to divide your article up into sections or chapters, relating parts together. If you are skipping all over the place, people will feel unsure and perhaps dislike it as a result.
  • Links. These enable connections within the site, and for people to understand what they are reading about. In an article, link to relevant pages. However, only link to any given page once in an article. In a story, links are generally given in a 'See Also' section. You do not want your article to be on either of these pages: Orphaned Pages or Dead End Pages.
  • Respect. Don't post or write anything that might be considered disrespectful or hurtful to someone. Don't make generalizations about someone whatever their race, culture, gender, or hobbies.


Make sure to check before you upload a random video or picture.

  • Don't add anything from a video site unless you know for sure that it won't try and advertise distasteful content. (Drugs, pornographic material, or offensive language)
  • Don't add any videos or pictures that include these things themselves.
  • Make sure that any videos or pictures aren't copyrighted before adding them to pages. It's not just against the rules, it is also often illegal.
  • Don't add anything thats hurtful to other people.

Writing ArticlesEdit

When writing an article about a creature, planet, cosmic phenomenon, event, and so on, there are a few things which are important to do.

  • Keep in a clinical style. This means it should be written as a report, not like you are trying to sell the thing. Please try to minimise use of literary or opinionated terms, such as 'their military is excellent', 'their cannons can rend enemies to pieces', or 'they are really powerful'. Also, try not to use comparatives or superlatives, like 'most powerful', 'biggest', and so on.

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