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So you've read Get Started, explored the Multiverses mythology, and are well on your way to joining in. Well done! But it is recommended that, before you create anything, you have a good look at this list.

A cliche can be defined as- An idea so often used that its original power has been drained away.

We strive for the cool, original, and plausible.

Animal ClichesEdit

  • Earth animals, except differently coloured
  • Earth animals, except swapped places (massive carnivore rats and tiny weed-eating lions, say)
  • Earth animals, except with antennae
  • Earth animals, except with mental powers
  • Earth animals, except with more eyes/heads/arms
  • Aliens so close to humans that you could mistake them if them simply turned away
  • Aliens like humans, except with different colour blood/eyes/skin
  • Humans with tentacles
  • Furries
  • Dinosaur people, with human hands and faces and everything
  • Aliens which all look like attractive women
  • Walking squid/octopodes(or octopus or whatever)/cuttlefish/true fish
  • An ecosystem without predators (The Cambrian Explosion was partly caused by the evolution of predation)
  • Giant versions of Earth animals
  • Little green men
  • Aliens with many arms, just for the heck of it
  • Non-technological aliens who suffer from no diseases
  • Aliens who heal visibly
  • Small aliens who are really really strong, just for the heck of it
  • Aliens which explode when you shoot them
  • Purely biological aliens which fly through space
  • The above always have fins, flippers, and etc.
  • Animals and aliens from other fanons (e.g movies, TV shows, etc.)

Planet ClichesEdit

  • Planets which don't orbit a star
  • Planets which share atmospheres with another planets
  • Planets with only one biome
  • Planets with enormous 'ion storms' around them
  • Planets which are entirely covered in city
  • Planets with technicolour skies
  • Planets with excessive numbers of moons
  • Planets where there are floating rocks
  • Planets which are covered in ancient crater and have a breathable atmosphere

Sapient ClichesEdit

  • (All the alien cliches, plus)
  • Aliens which have advanced beyond the need to eat, drink, procreate etc. without any signs of changes
  • A race where every individual has the same personality, ideas, etc.
  • A race with only one culture
  • A race where all individuals have the same job
  • A race of aliens with an uncanny resemblance to fairies/elves/etc.
  • Aliens who want to destroy everything for the heck of it
  • Sapient nebulae
  • Sapient rocks
  • Sapient inorganic objects for the heck of it

Universe ClichesEdit

  • Universes with fluid instead of vacuum
  • Universes which glow for the heck of it
  • Universes which are handily manipulated to allow a certain scheme, with no other changes
  • Universes in which every race is at war
  • Universes where everything is exactly like stereotypical fantasy

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