Mordons are scavengers found in many locations in the Viperius Galaxy.


Mordons have an entirely unique appearance, and it seems they cannot be placed into any one category. Current thinking suggests they are reptiles.

A Mordon head has compound eyes and a pointed mouth, topped with feathery antennae-like structures. They have eight legs, four of which are large and grasping, the other four just jointed sticks. In additon, they have large wings and a long, scaly tail.


Mordons are carnivores, and predominantly scavengers. They tend to eat the meat left on other predator's kills, only occasionally eating the bones.


Mordons travel in large flocks. When they smell food, flocks can often be seen for miles, rising up into the air and flying towards their target.

Mordons tend to dwell in the deserts, mountains, and wastelands.


It is unknown which planet Mordons originated on, possibly Skrap. Sapient species exploited the scavengers and shipped them across the system for waste management and pest control. Since then, they have spread, and have become an established species on many planets.

Occasionally, they have been used illegally as guard dogs by criminals.

In FictionEdit

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