The Omnipotent Moosloose, Masters of Trade


Dardomna, Icana System




6-8 feet tall





Scientific Name:

Tridactyla dardomnan (Bio21, 2010)

The Omnipotent Moosloose Empire is a large empire of economic species, and are often considered the "sister race" of the Kkrotids in the Mercuris Alliance. They are native to a world called Dardomna in the Parsons arm of the Phradox Galaxy. They are the founders of the Parsons Arm Union, a small organization of diplomatic races. They are usually an economic species, but they have quite a powerful military.


Not much is known about Moosloose evolution, but it is believed that they were originally a species called the Musleis, a semi-aquatic species from the red seas of Dardomna. They wisely allied species and developed positive relationship, and built tools to gain sapience. After reaching sapience, they formed a primitive tribe.

As a tribe, they formed a massive alliance of over ten tribes across the planet. They developed into an economic civilization, and took over the world with money.


The Moosloose are tall, red, bird-like creatures, but they are actually classified as mammalians due to their DNA, behaviors, and bone structure. They have large antlers, suction-cupped hands, and small fins all over the body that are used for a number of purposes.

They are somewhat bulky and clumsy at times, but have much brute strength, and they often use that to their advantage in battle.



  • Hierarchy: Most Moosloose culture revolves around money, and social hierarchy is usually based off of the amount of money an individual has in their possession. Females are generally higher in Moosloose society, due to the fact that the Moosloose are ruled by an Empress.
  • Mythology: Moosloose mythology often involves a brave hero receiving a lot of money, or searching for treasure on an epic journey. With their economic customs, they enjoy telling stories of greed, riches, and large amounts of money.
  • Humor: Moosloose humor often includes things like a person going bankrupt and being laughed at and shamed. Most average and above average Moosloose love these types of cartoons and stories.


The current Empress, Empress Rashima, rules over all twelve of the Moosloose states. She does, however, appoint governors and ambassadors to rule over smaller areas of space.


No information...


Main Article: Moosloose Technology

The Moosloose have developed much technology over the ages. They specialize in terraforming and other "planet editing" technology.


These races are good friends of the Mooslose. They love to trade with them.

These races are on the good side of the Moosloose. They haven't really done anything, but the Moosloose love them anyways.

  • Zylarxes Union
  • Legio of the Tatra'Ozarva

These races hate the Moosloose! No trading, war!

  • Xenon Meta-Empire
  • Razor Imperium

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