Monsoon is a large planet in the Viperius Galaxy. The planet is home to very few varieties of life, due to nearly constant storms and hurricanes.


The second planet from its sun, Monsoon is a very warm world. It has two moons, which pull the planet's tides in conflicting directions and cause many storms.


A day on Monsoon lasts for twenty-eight hours.


Most of the planet is covered in deep oceans. There are only a few small islands. Storms can rush across the oceans, building up huge amounts of momentum as they travel.


Due to the hostile conditions on this planet, there are few lifeforms here. However, there is much diversity on a single island, which has a large valley in the center of it. The mountains surrounding this valley shield the native plants and animals from the storms, thus making their survival possible. The most common creature of this valley is the Riverwader.

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