Moitag is the second largest moon of Alakla, after Roitan. It is uninhabitable.

Lunar CharacteristicsEdit

Moitag is rather small, although it can hold its shape as a moon.


This moon has a mass of around .03 times that of Earth, a third as massive as Roitan. The radius is relatively smaller, as it has a larger core- indicating that it is not of Alaklan origin. The core is actually quite large, and made mainly from iron, opposed to Alakla's aluminum core.


As said before, Moitag is quite dense for an Alaklan moon, at around 5.3g/cm^3. It has very little carbonate material in the crust, being mainly silicate.


Moitag follows a retrograde orbit, moving in the opposite direction as the other Alaklan moons. It is also not tidally locked, with a year of 27 days and a day of 41 days.

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