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Methridia is a desert planet in the Viperius Galaxy, notable for having a sea of lava known as the ocean of fire. The planet's name comes from the only intelligent life to survive a cataclysmic event that shifted the planet closer to its sun, possibly The Merge. It became competley uninhabitable recently.


Methridia is in the Taguek II solar system. The sapient inhabitants call Emenata 'Taguek' (they describe it that way, as Taguek in real life is, in some religions, an ultimate reality where all things come from) they belive it was the first thing to emerge from nothing (or Nith) but this is probably untrue.


It is known that the Methridians live under the surface, and are building a rocket to carry them to the stars.

The only other lifeforms known to exist are the hardy Iron Plants and Dune Shifters, who attempt to eat the Methridians and feed off of the flesh of their dead Queens.

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