"IF IT CAN'T FLY, IT ISN'T A BIRD." - Meteorclaw.

Meteorclaw is a male Gehennian residing on Inferno.


Meteorclaw has a fairly mundane appearance, being the typical dark dragon that the majority of Gehennians are. He is one of the smaller Gehennians, though he is larger than Death's Shadow. However, his claws have a meteorite-like pattern, hence his name.


Meteorclaw is a creative individual, sometimes making chimaeras. He often makes simple inventions, including a small cannon which shoots Cubi. He also comes up with seemingly mad ideas, and is considered to be eccentric by the other Daemons. Meteorclaw is also notable for his flashbacks and day-dreaming.


Meteorclaw is used as a scientist for the Daemons, and is an apprentice of Indigo. The other Daemon scientists are rather envious of him, and often try to sabotage his projects. If these are Grakk or Korgrath, he will personally eat those who oppose him. Meteorclaw is also one of the few non-Seven that Ravana respects.

It is known that Meteorclaw has Zahhak as bodyguards.


Meteorclaw is young for a Gehennian, being born only 250 years ago. Just hours after birth, his mother Darkfang was killed whilst fighting the Angeli.

Relations with other GehenniansEdit

Meteorclaw greatly respects Hectocapitus, as well as The Seven. He somewhat dislikes Earthrender, Dusk and Deadflame, accepting them only grudgingly. It is also known that he despises Anathema for being Soulbane's son.


"IF IT CAN'T FLY, IT ISN'T A BIRD." - Meteorclaw.

"What sort of Chimaera would I get if I got the parts of a Rennite and a Zahhak?" - Meteorclaw.

"Indigo, why do you always interrupt my day-dreaming?" - Meteorclaw.

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