The Mesimo Galaxy
The Mesimo Galaxy head-on


Barred spiral galaxy


155 kly


1,300 light-years

Number of stars:

425b ± 10k


1.74t M☉

Rotation period:

356 My


450 ± 2 km/s



The Mesimo Galaxy is an immense spiral galaxy of the Viperius Galaxy. It is native to the Yuharon civilization, who own another four (and a half) galaxies.


Mesimo is immense, at 155 thousand light-years across. It has more than four hundred billion stars, with trillions of planets, many colonized by the Yuharon.

It is a barred spiral galaxy, with a total of nine major arms. Each of these are home to nearly two billion defense and offense ships - massive attacks can be seen when billions of ships fly from one arm. They also each have around 35 billion stars, as they are each huge.

The central core is actually extremely inactive, and has not been active for millions of years.

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Surprisingly, there are no other interstellar races than the Yuharon in this galaxy. There are one class VII, two VI, and several V and below subservient to them, as their superior technology allows them to be taken as gods. All rebellious races were annihilated.

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