The Mercuris Alliance
The Mercuris Federation 2
The Mercuris Alliance's Flag





Important Worlds

Skuther, Nortom, Skuther Minor, Picuss, Dardomna, Spartos 1, Parti


~150 thousand colonies

Notable for

Conquering galaxies, allying many races, being viciously neutral

Technological Class

Incredebly Advanced (Class XII)

Main Leader

Emperor Mercuris XXI

Secondary Leaders



Federal (Multi-Species) Monarchy


Warrior Scientists, Chaotic Neutral

May the scars of our wrath penetrate the minds of our enemies.

- Emperor Mercuris I

The Mercuris Alliance is an organization of eight species from many universes, including Emenata, Dinoterra, and others. They have a philosophical reputation for being strictly neutral. They are mostly native to the Zanthray galactic cluster near the Viperius Galaxy System.


  • The Omnipotent Kkrotids Empire is the leading race of the alliance, being a powerful military civilization in the Parsons Arm of the Phradox Galaxy. They are, by far, the most powerful civilization in the alliance.
  • The Omnipotent Moosloose Empire is often considered the "sister race" of the Kkrotids, and they are nearly as powerful. However, they are a more economic civilization, as opposed to the Kkrotids strict military rule.
  • The Mighty Spartans Empire is a knight empire, and close allies of the Kkrotids. Not much is known about them.
  • The Avio Kingdom is an empire from the Dinoterra Universe that is quite bird-like and intelligent.
  • The Mighty Nakralash Union is a group of shark-like beasts that live in underwater cities all over the Multiverse.
  • The Taflors Imperium is a group of "" that hail from a gas giant. They float and filter feed in the outer-atmosphere.


PARSONUS CollectiveEdit

Blue face The United PARSONUS Collective is good friends of the Alliance. They have helped eachother many times in the past.

Zylarxes UnionEdit

Yellow face The Zylarxes Union is a powerful empire that spends most of its time developing weapons and other technology to sell to civilizations across the universes.


Yellow face The Legion of the Tatra'Ozarva is an uber-powerful empire that comes to the Phradox from an unknown galaxy dubbed the "Cloud of Tatra". They remained mostly neutral in the Great Phradox War, but did participate in the crusade of darkness, though not fully. They have yet to actually attack the Alliance.


Red face The Xenon Meta-Empire is a powerful, evil empire that control a sizeable ammount of the Phradox galaxy. They have few allies, but those they do have are ususlly vicious and powerful.


Red face The Razor Imperium is a powerful race of warriors that attacked the Alliance during both the Grteat Phradox War, and the Crusade of Darkness. The two empires are vicious archrivals.


In FictionEdit

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