Mega omnishrimp are omnivorous arthropods native to Thanatos. Unlike their smaller relatives, they do not live in a hive system. They live in forests, rivers and coastal waters.


Mega omnishrimp resemble their relatives, but can change color. They are also larger, with males being 20 feet long. Females are 15 feet long. Unlike normal omnishrimp, these animals have a furry substance on their tails.

Life cycleEdit

Unusually short lived for their size, mega omnishrimp only live for about 5-10 years. The are sexually mature at 9 months. After mating, females lay eggs in tide pools. The young hatch in 3 days and feed on algae, fungus and carrion that washes up on shore until they are sexually mature at 9 months. Then they migrate for the huge forests inland where they spend the rest of their lives.

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