Marsh Leaper
Marsh Leapers are amphibious terunes native to the planet Kaventro. They live in the wet pampas that intersperse areas of the Zartescan Jungle.


Marsh Leapers grow about 1.5 meters high at the shoulder and 2 meters long, although this measurement does not include the limbs. In fact, the arms and legs are especially long and thin, and well-built for running.

In addition, Marsh Leapers possess a long tongue used to ensnare prey.


Marsh Leapers dwell in the marshes and pamps found in portions of the continent Nikreli. They prefer areas with shallow standing water and long grasses.


Marsh Leapers are carnivorous, and deploy a precise hunting method to catch prey. For most of the day, the animals lay hidden in the long marsh grasses and wait for a food item to move nearby. Then the Marsh Leaper pounces from its cover and grabs its prey with its long and sticky tongue. Because many prey items in the region are fast-moving, Marsh Leapers are able to chase after their prey at high speeds. However, this speed can only be maintained for a short period.


Marsh Leapers are normally solitary, but will sometimes form packs.

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