Marsh hog




Roots and other tough plants.


Swamps and deserts.



Marsh hogs are large, pig-like amphibians native the planet Ishtar. They are very common, and fill a wide variety of niches.


Marsh hogs strongly resemble large green pigs. Their skin is covered with a layer of scales. The male have long horns on the sides of their heads.


Marsh hogs forage in the dirt for rich tubers and roots. On occasion, they will eat carrion. They will sometimes fish for worm like creatures from the edges of swamps.


Marsh hogs live in small herds containing up to twelve individuals. They follow a very strict ranking system. Each herd is led by an alpha female. Followed by the alpha males who have privillage to mate with the alpha female. The beta males are in charge of defending the others. The beta females take care of the children. Although they are capable of reproduction, they do not have the privillage. If they do get pregnant they will either be killed or banned. In rare cases the beta male who caused the reproduction will follow the beta female in order to form a new group.