Mantitrees are a plant in the pseudoanimalia phylum, native to Thanatos.

Appearance and behaviourEdit

Mantitrees are about 30 feet tall, and are pretty much a tall stick with 4 branches resembling the claws of a praying mantis hence the name. Their hunting method is simple. They wait for a creature to wander too close to the plant, before they swipe the creature with their claws. To kill the creature, they stab into it with their hidden proboscis and dissolve the insides before sucking out the liquid. Squick. They can photosynthesize, but only when light penetrates through the tall trees, which is rarely.


These plants are quite abundant, and are a huge threat, as they can kill prey as large as a death ripper.


Credit to Eotyrannus for the idea of pseudoanimal predators.

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