A planet on the deepest regons of space, there is a planet with more ice and fire on it than any other, full of amazing specis and wonderous terriories, the planet called Manodevous!


43 AD- The planet first appears in the sky.

62 AD- The Marrkls, the main specis starts to be born.

64 AD- Other specis are born.

65 AD- The Boord are born.

70 AD- The hundred year war between Marrkls and Boord starts.

100 AD- The planet's three moons appear in the sky for the first time.

123 AD- The planet starts to evacuate other specis to Mars, Venus and Staturn.

145 AD- The dragons come out of their caves for the first time and are on the Boord's side.

170 AD- The war ends and the Boord and the dragons are exiled off the planet.

172 AD- The evacuees are brought back to Manodevous.

180 AD- The sun runs out and it becomes an ice planet.

193 AD- Mandovous is broken into two diffrent terrories.

1027 AD- The Marrkls decide to have bases on two of the moons.

1066 AD- The planet becomes dormant.

1860 AD- The Marrkls return from the moons to repopulate the planet.

1900 AD- The Boord return to the planet and start a second war.

1901 AD- All seven citys on Manodevous are destroyed.

1905 AD- The evacuees are sent to the moonbases.

More To Be Added Soon.

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