The Maly-Kauhu is a creature native to Skogland.


Maly-Kauhus grow to about 80cm long and weigh about 20kg. They can change the colour of their skin to a limited extent, like chameleons. They use this ability to camouflage themselves when hunting.

Maly-Kauhus have triangular heads that are wide at the base. On their nose, there is a forward-pointing horn, which can inject venom into the victim. This venom causes paralysis after about thirty seconds, assuming the animal is small enough and the Maly-Kauhu has ejected enough. Then, the Maly-Kauhu will eat the prey while it is still alive.

They have a sinuous body, and limbs like those of a lizard. Because of this, they cannot run for very long distances, which is why they have developed ambush hunting. The tail has two pairs of spikes on it, though these are only used for self-defence, and when males fight during mating. Occasionally it is used when a dose of venom fails to fully-paralyse a victim.


Maly-Kauhus are carnivorous. They prey mainly on small mammals, reptiles and birds, as well as eggs and young Arbotiles. They hide in the bushes, sometimes for hours, changing their skin colour to match the leaves, until a prey animal walks past. Then they charge at them, impaling them with the horn and injecting the venom. Once the victim is paralysed, they eat it alive.


Maly-Kauhus are solitary when stalking prey, but will group together for nest raids and at every other time, as they are small and easily picked off alone. With a group, one of them is more likely to paralyse the attacker. This also gets them a larger meal to share.

Maly-Kauhus mate in winter, and then lay eggs in summer. These nests are usually underground, or they would be trampled by Storapedes or other large herbivores. The eggs (normally about 3-5) hatch in the next winter, and are brought food by the parents until summer, when they are left to survive themselves. A lot of babies continue to use the burrow for safety.


Maly-Kauhus live in the forests of Skogland, though they retreat to underground burrows when they need safety.

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