Magtarexes are a type of predator native to Skogland.


Magtarex skin is a pink, fleshy colour, but in reality is rough and resistant. Only the eyes are different colourwise, being black with yellow pupils. Magtarexes can reach about thirty metres long, as they are predators of the massive Storapede, and weigh up to sixty tonnes, though fifty is more common.

Magtarex are quadrupeds. Each limb is well muscled, and the foot is long and tipped with three claws. The tail is short in comparison to body size, reaching only about seven metres long. The head, on the other hand, is large for its body size, reaching about eight metres long. The neck is well-muscled to support it, though appears thin.

An unusual feature for a quadruped predator, Magtarexes have external ears. These are located just behind the eyes, and are very sensitive, for hunting purposes.

The jaws of a Magtarex are filled with sharp teeth for tearing flesh. Those in the lower jaw are stronger and longer than the upper jaw, as the lower jaw is hinged and has a wider range of mobility.


Magtarexes are vicious carnivores. They feed off the large herbivores of Skogland, like Storapedes and, more commonly, Rauhallinen. They are fairly intelligent and can work as a pack to organise a hunt.


Magtarex spore2d

2D concept art by an Arbotile individual

Despite their size, Magtarexes are still dwarfed by Storapedes, which live in herds. Resultingly, Magtarexes live in small packs, dominated by an Alpha Male and Alpha Female. There are a couple of other females and males as well, but packs aren’t very large. New offspring are chased off young.

Mating happens in summer, so eggs are laid next spring, and hatch in summer. As said above, they are raised for a short time, normally a couple of years, and then are chased off.


Like most of their prey, Magtarexes cannot venture into Skogland’s forest unless they are young, so stay by one sea, normally the one they were born by.

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