Magnalbus bear
The Magnalbus Bear is the dominant predator on Robus Island, on Saaristo.


They resemble polar bears, except for in a few features. Their claws are hooked, along them to grip ice, and the tail ends in a bony point, also for stabilisation. The claws especially are deadly weapons, along with its teeth. It has two, much longer ones at the front of the mouth - sabre teeth. It can deliver a crushing bite.

To protect against the loss of body heat, it has small ears and therefore not a very good sense of hearing. However, it has excellent sight and smell.

They can grow to three metres high and six or seven metres long, and weigh in at about one and a half tonnes.


They are mainly solitary hunters, but in times of extreme cold, they may huddle together for warmth, and there are massive gatherings during mating season, as males try to impress females with their strength. Females give birth to live young in late spring, the best possible time for them to start growing. At first, they feed them and care for them, but leave them after a year.

Diet and HuntingEdit

They are carnivores. They will often creep up on prey and kill it with a quick bite to the neck, but when it comes to Cuniculus Snakes, they have a special way of hunting. Through pads in their feet, they can detect the vibrations caused by the snake's burrowing. They can then follow the vibrations and be there when the snake surfaces.


They live on Robus Island, where they are dominant predators.

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