Magna Ignus, the greatest Draegen ever to excist. Behold the Bearer of the Fire of Magna...

Our time shall come, the time we ascend to the heavens. And once we have reached it we shall conquer as we always do. And not simply because i want it, or we want it! But because i know we can!
- Magna Ignus to his subjects at the creation of the House of Magna

Magna Ignus was the founder of the House of Magna and the oldest of the three Magna Brothers. He is known as the strongest of the Draegens to ever excist and people with his appearance are said to inherit his strength and charisma.

He and his brothers (Magna Frosias and Magna Taëra)fought themselves to glory destroying 3 nests (which was quite an achievement in the old days)without too many casualties. Magna Ingus fought the strongest Draegen of that time and won, granting him the title. When he gathered the nearest nests and gave them the choice to join his house or leave the area they choose to join him causing him to gain in subjects and popularity.

His brothers created their own branches but still obeyed Magna Ignus. These 2 branches helped him in conquering the first of the 7 continets of Draegen Prime. 2 more continents rapidly joined them out of fear and the remaining 3 continents joined forces to hold of the House of Magna, they failed and were severelly punished for their resistance. 63% of the Draegens of the 3 continents were killed (39% during the war and 24% after the war).

The House of Magna was the first and new leader of Draegen Prime. Due to their rulership they gained unity causing them to invent space travelling technology 397 years after the founding (also 4 years after the death of Magna Ignus who died of age after reaching his 1329th year).

Most of the family members were planet rulers after the colonies were made, but the Branch leaders always remained in the Citadel on Draegen Prime to control their empire. About 73920 years after the founding The Rulers conquered the Draegens and united them as well in the Vultur Alliance.

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