Magis Anima (Latin for 'More Soul') is a Tikhio explorer who gained much fame after he discovered the existance of various species leading to the establishment of many new relationships.


His exact age is unknown but he was made somewhere around 3.500.000 -- AM. He was assigned as an explorer and was given a small fleet of 75 Tikhio ships (cruisers, carriers and 5 warships). At the time he encountered the Fleet of Voids his ship amount had dropped to 12 (6 carriers, 5 cruisers and a warship) as most of them were called back for both maintenance and reassignemnt.


Magis is a curious Tikhio that tries to stay polite at all time, his personality is inspired by a charismatic male. He can prove to be a tough adversary when the time arrives and is an excellent fighter.


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