Luxuus (Luhks-oos) is the closest, and smallest, moon of Algidos. It is prized for its valuable resources such as high concentrations of carbon and uranium.

Lunar CharacteristicsEdit

A small moon, Luxuus can only support one small Auctor colony to distribute resources.


A Luxuan radius measures at around 245 kilometers, so it manages to keep itself stable. Its density reaches 5.5 g/cm^3, indicating that it might be a captured object. It's gravity is enough to keep its space station, The Asphodel, in orbit.


Luxuus has an erratic orbit around Algidos, but not enough to set a collision course with Aratum. It has no specific axial tilt or rotation speed, as impacts from Algidan rings constantly change its course. As computers have mapped out, it is probably going to collide with its parent body within a few thousand years.


Luxuus is pockmarked with craters, and many mineral deposits can be seen as well. The surface temperature is around -194 degrees celcius, as it is constantly being heated up by asteroid impacts. Some chemical ices have been found here as well.

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