Lutria is a planet in the Viperius Galaxy, homeworld of the Lutrians.


Lutria is a large terrestrial, quite humid planet. It orbits 0.67AU from its parent

A map of Lutria

K0 star, the second of seven planets.


Lutria's radius is 7740 km, (1.22 x earth's). Its mass is 1.96 times Earth's, and with a density of 1.09 times Earth due to more iron, it has a gravity of 1.33G.


This planet's period is 12.13 hours (due to the lack of a large moon), and it has an axial tilt of 40.2 degrees.


Lutria's crust is 37.7% iron, 18.6% oxygen, 18.4% silicon, 14.0% aluminum, 10.3% other metals, and trace other elements. This causes its higher density.


Lutria's surface is only 50% ocean and 4% ice, but the oceans are deeper than Earth's. There are many rivers and lakes. The southern ice cap sits on a continent, and there is a range of mountains stretching through the supercontinent. The temperature is very stable, only ranging from -6° to 38°C. The average is around 30°.


There is a dense, breathable atmosphere here. It is 67.9% nitrogen, 22.7% oxygen, 9.4% argon, and trace other gases.


Lutria has two small moons.


The Lutrians come from this planet, along with many other species.

There are two types of Lutrian. There is the civilised subspecies, with language, space travel and culture, and the feral type on the isle of Lessinaya.

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