The Lunars are a race of mysterious aliens native to the Vesania universe. Many of them are currently under the command of Trotus, for reasons known only to themselves.



Lunars resemble seven foot tall bipedal grey salamanders, but with long tentacles instead of arms. They have four short eyestalks, each of which holds a small red eye. A Lunar's mouth is full of grinding, spiral-teeth.

Psychic Powers?Edit

Lunars sometimes seem to be able to read the thoughts of others, and sense events in the immediate future. It remains unknown how they do this; some have suggested innate psychic powers, while others suggest technological implants.


Lunars are sapient; however, much about their history and culture remains unknown. It is known that they bear a hatred for the Nithlords, however.


Lunar's technology includes:

  • FTL travel
  • Starships, capable of utilizing FTL travel
  • Heat rays
  • Force fields

It is probable that they have other technologies that they have not revealed to Trotus.

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