Our own survival depends on the outcome of this war, if we fall, the Gni will consume the galaxy! Or at least a sizeable portion of it before anyone finds the remedy...

- Sentinel Threyha'filon after the fall of Thyvilen

The Luminant are an insectoid species resembling moths They have 5 pair of limbs (3 pair of legs and 2 pair of arms) which are protected by a thick chitin exo-skeleton. They are natives to the planet of Thyvilen and prefer dark, humid areas.


10 limbed creatures, they have 4 arms and 6 legs, their body

Intelligence and societyEdit

The Luminant are a highly intelligent species, always busy with thinking and calculations, this is because of their larger brains.


The Luminant live in giant coccoons made in humid caves, when there are no nearby caves they will create a large dome made out of steel, or any other material, to block out the sun for their homes. Although the sun is centralised in their culture they try to avoid the sun from reaching their houses.


The Luminant have a polytheistic belief of several gods, these gods live in the sun (which is the source of life in their eyes) and watch over the Luminant.


Mostly forced out of their own systems and planets the Luminant tried to seek refuge in other universes. They succeeded and are accounted as a class XII- Interuniversal species after they had explored most of these either by sharing intel with other species, robotic exploration or settling portions of the galaxies.


While there is evidence they were uplifted in their early years by a race long forgotten they have made remarkable discoveries and created weapons specialised in destroying organic tissue. This is due to the war against their archrivals, the Gni.

The Gni nearly drove them of Thyliven during the Darkside War when the Gni were only recently discovered. The Luminant were able to drive them back by utilising weapons of mass destruction and sacrificing their own homeworld. The Darkside War is still raging on as the Gni try to conquer all Luminant worlds in search for new hosts, the terrifying fact that the Gni are evolving is a worrysome problem that could mean the end of the Luminant.

Relations with other racesEdit

  • Gni: Ever since the Darkside War they have been at war with each other
  • Qwatko: The Luminant met the Qwatko when they fled for the Gni and were welcomed with hospitality
  • Dweller: The Luminant met the Dwellers on several occasions and exchanged knowledge, they aided in the construct of the Library.

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