The continent of Lumi

Lumi is the longer of the two continents on Piasek.


Lumi is longer and thinner than Ziarna. It is almost completely covered in rock, ice and snow. Some areas are flat, though there are also canyons and mountains. Sometimes, these are large and significant, but others are small and unnoticeable.


Lumi was once closer to Piasek’s north pole, but tectonic activity has been pushing it closer to Ziarna – there will most likely be an enormous clash at some point in the future.

No big evolutionary changes have occurred on Lumi, as such changes have been unnecessary. At the moment, the Zware is the dominant predator on Lumi.

Plant LifeEdit

The only plant life on Lumi is forms of moss and lichen. As a result, many of the prey animals on Lumi have evolved to be hydrovores instead of herbivores.


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