Lord Thamek Jaarak is the leader of the Krijgvolk, as sole dictator. He is supposedly the reincarnation of the king of the Krijgvolk Gods.


Jaarak is a shorter Krijgvolk, at around 2.7 meters tall. However, he is rather strong for a Krijgvolk his size. He is one of the oldest ones of his race, nearing 145 years of age. His exoskeleton is an extremely dark purple, almost black. He also wears a hooded cloak most of the time, concealing his face. He has a bionic arm with extra strength as a replacement, in clear view.

He carries a sword, that can deliver a 10000 volt shock, extremely potent and powerful. It also can inject neurotoxins into one's bloodstream. It is made out of titanium, and the shock is run through a powerful copper cable system.


Slightly sadistic, Jaarak is barely sane. He has created an arena in which he forces criminals to fight to the death, and often sends predators from the Vers Forest to kill them. However, this is noted just as slightly odd behaviour, as almost all Krijgvolk are obsessed with war.

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