Lopszan is the fourth planet in the Velkoda System, after Dzuternak

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Lopszan is the smallest planet in its system.


Lopszan has a radius of around 1500km and a density of 5.3g/cm^3, giving it a gravity nearing .15g. This gravity does not allow it to have any significantly sized moons.


Lopszan is completely solid, with its smaller size and temperature of around 105 centigrade not allowing it to have a mantle. Its crust, around 200km deep in most areas, gives way to a large core, taking up most of the volume. It has no atmosphere.


Lopszan has an orbital period of around 190 days, and a day period of 42 hours. It has no satellites, but a small ring surrounding its equator, and is tilted on an azis of -14 degrees.


Lopszan is a typical light grey color, and is very featureless. It had little volcanic activity in its past, and its tectonic plates are stable due to there being no mantle. It has several craters, but other than that, nothing much.

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